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A mission of love...

In 2005, Sharocka Melton discussed with several sisters in Christ about the power of prayer. Sharocka began to think of ways that one could pray without ceasing (1st Thes. 5:17). As she pondered, it seemed to be an impossible task. After carefully studying the power of prayer, the vision appeared and “100 Days of Prayer” was born! Several sisters, were given times to pray. We covered a 24 hour period, therefore, praying throughout the day, all day, at our allotted times.

            This was not enough! Our souls were on fire from the experience, we saw that God answered prayers right before our very eyes! He showed up and showed out! We were unified! Sharocka felt the need to take the vision the next level. We began our Thanksgiving Baskets in 2006. We prepared uncooked boxes for needy families in the community. We prayed with the family, shared gospel tracts, and invited the recipients to worship.

    It still wasn’t enough...the vision continues! We coined our group with the term, Lady Prayer Warriors in 2007. We began with about 7 committed members, and we now have over 1000! We started to put more action with our prayers. We would have prayer circles.  The Vision takes off and keeps moving!

In 2005, the 100 DAYS OF PRAYER, started to reach the masses, we began to involve other women from other congregations, prayer circles got bigger, Thursday Night Prayer Call was born and is still rocking today! In 2009, we began to blog, we needed a way to keep up, meet, and thrive together!  The blogging days were hilarious, because no one really knew how to work the blog. It was truly a trial and error! 

As if that wasn’t enough, In 2011 FACEBOOK MEETS LADY PRAYER WARRIOR! This is the beginning our new lifelong relationships, sincerely praying without ceasing. Sharocka created a Lady Prayer Warrior page for all Sisters in Christ. We are spreading and growing every day. God continues the vision! We have become a non-profit organization (2015). We have traveled to Haiti for 2 Missionary Trips. We adopted 4 ministries in Haiti: Dondon, Ranquitte, Bluehill, and Limbe. We have developed the Little Light Academy in Haiti. This academy sponsors children, with clothing, tuition, food, shelter, and what is needed to produce a healthy Christian that can grow up to give back to that economy. The work is ongoing.

The Prayerathon is a great work that needs to be noted as well. We hold a 24 hour prayer line whereby pray for people all over the world for a 24 hour period. This ministry averages, 25 calls per minute, 24 hours straight…huge work.

We have developed several ministry teams, including, Welcome Team, Health Team, and Benevolence Team. We currently have a representation of members from many parts of the world. Come join us and see where the Vision goes next... God is driving, so get on board!

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