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Stepping off the plane in Haiti...

Sharocka Melton expected to serve in Haiti and discover their needs, but Sharocka may not have expected what God had prepared for her during her initial trip to Haiti would forever change her life.


Sister Sharocka Melton has traveled to Haiti ministering since 2013. 

Sharocka is extremely passionate and devoted to helping our brothers, sisters, and friends in Haiti.


She has spread her love and assistance to hundreds over the years and is continuing to do so.


Sharocka is deeply committed and passionate about helping Haiti and her excitement and compassion has spread to other members of the Lady Prayer Warriors. From June 1-8, 2017 Lady Prayer Warriors will travel to Haiti to visit many of the poverty stricken villages to offer relief. We plan to visit Northern Haiti and Cap Haitien to give out food, clothes, books, supplies, medicine, and spread godly love. In the wake of all of the devastation that has happened to Haiti, our friends really need our help.

Hello, Lets build our 1st Home in Haiti. Yes owned by us given to help the homeless. It cost $5000. We need 20 sisters to pledge $250 by December 1, for our Phase 3 Building Project. You will be on the deed, engraved on the home, but more importantly serving others for the Lord. If you are in, comment below.

Please Donate to the Lady Prayer Warriors Haiti Mission

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